Studio pos Management System India

Studio pos Management Sotware is an ERP Solutions specially designed and developed for different kinds of Educational Institutions after in-house and field research of more than six years. It is similarly useful for schools, colleges, institutions and training centers. It makes easy the organization with hectic manual record keeping tasks. It is easy to generate summaries, reminders and reports related to the students, staff, fee, examination etc. It empowers not only the organizations but also the parents and the students hence improve the channel between different stake holders of the organization.

Studio pos Management System Modules

  • Dashboard (Overview of all Billing)

  • Total No of Bills
  • Total Amount of all Bills
  • Today Credits
  • Total Amount of This Month billing
  • 1) Customers (Add,Edit,Delete)

  • Excel Report
  • Print Report
  • 2) Customer Wallet

  • Credit
  • Debit
  • 3) Products (Add,Edit,Delete)

  • Excel Report
  • Print Report
  • 4) Billing (Add,Edit,Delete)

  • Product Detils
  • Total Amount
  • 5) Daily Report

  • 6) Monthly Report

  • 7) Admin Profile

  • 8) User Profile

  • 9) Change Password